Donatella Chiara Bedello’s monography

Donatella Chiara Bedello’s monography

“Open Doors”: Donatella Chiara Bedello’s first monography

Donatella Chiara Bedello‘s first monography “Open Doors” is a complete artbook about the artist published by our gallery. It features a selection of images of her artworks, some critic texts by Arch. Marianna Accerboni, by Martina Campese, Francesca Mezzatesta and Gabriella Pastor and an exclusive interview to the painter, in which she tells about herself and the path which led her to painting, the reasons why she chooses old New York shopwindows as a subject and her projects for the future.

“[…] She starts with a few lines drawn in pencil, and then immediately an explosion of colors. As she paints and her experience increases, she uses smaller and smaller color variety and begins to compose them on her own, starting from a selection of a few acrylics. Visitors are admired. Unbelieving. At first they are attracted by the subject, guitars, comics, books, tin cans on display. Afterward they notice the people, inside or outside the store. Then the signs, advertisements, promotions, signs. All the reflections. And the more they observe, the more their imagination runs wild, they are thrown into an American novel, a New York TV series, they walk the streets, and feel they can really see the barber, the salami shop, the pharmacy. ”Donatella’s paintings are a window on a different world, which I can design every day as I wish,” said one of our clients once, and it seems true to me.” – Alice Faga, introduction

Donatella Chiara Bedello's artbook

Published March 2nd, 2023
pages 108
closed bok size 30,5 x 21,5 cm
book style art catalogue
edition style hardcover
price 30 euro
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