News! A new painting by Donatella Chiara Bedello

News! A new painting by Donatella Chiara Bedello

“Bleecker Bob’s Records”

Donatella Chiara Bedello has just delivered “Bleecker Bob’s Records”, painted in acrylic on canvas.

It entitles like the homonym records shop located in Greenwich, New York, whose founder – Robert Plotnik (passed away in 2018) has been a reference point for music, even thanks to all the friendships with rock bands and stars born in the ’80s and ’90s.

A shopwindow full of details, here represented by night, when the shop interior is visible, with its thousands records, tapes and antiques which features unique and rare objects as well.

So many working hours for a wonderful work of art which never bores, yet transports in another world.


TITLE: Bleecker Bob’s Records

MEDIA: acrylic on canvas

SIZE: 60×50 cm

YEAR: 2024

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