Services for Artists

We exhibit the artists works, studies them through questions and discussions with their creators, and then illustrates them to visitors, becoming the bridge that connects the public and the creator and allows everyone to grasp not only their obvious beauty but also that which is not seen by the naked eye but is there, since the very act of creation of the work. And then we think of everything else: photographs, press releases, advertising, printed material, art critic. The Artist doesn’t need to turn to ten different suppliers, to waste time and energy, because Andrea has already thought of everything: he has sought and selected some professional figures and knows that they are trustworthy, serious, honest and reliable.



To allow the public to go deeper into the artworks and appreciate them, we record two interviews with the artist during the exhibition, which are then published on our website and social media. Visitors, both in the gallery and online, are invited to ask questions because every curiosity and request for further information feeds the interviews and allows the artist to give answers that interest the entire audience.


Press Releases

The writing of the press release is one of the fundamental pillars for the presentation of the exhibition to the public. It is a document that contains the basic information about the exhibition and the artist and is sent to all newspapers both physical and virtual, as well as to sites and websites dealing with activities in Venice and culture. The press release is written according to journalist rules, so that they can be directly published without much effort.



Even in the digital age, the printing of catalogues, brochures and other advertising and promotional material are of great importance for the presentation of the works to the public: this is how the images of the works, their captions, the critics, the artist’s bio is presented with clarity and order. The brochures of the exhibition are delivered to each visitor, so that they continue to think of the works at home. The catalogs – if any – can be distributed free of charge or sold, according to the artist’s choice. We have two experienced graphic designers who have been working with us for many years and each time they manage to develop new and fresh ideas in tune with authors and works, so there is no reason to neglect this aspect which we consider fundamental.


Assistance To Exportation

We follow step by step every stage of the sale of artworks. First of all, we explain the artworks to the client in detail, so that he can understand and appreciate even the “not visible” to the bare eye. When the sale takes place, we can take care of packaging and shipping of any work to both Italian and foreign customers. We rely on a small shipping company in Mestre that for generations has shipped works of art dealing with all the practices and documentation for export and is synonymous with seriousness and reliability for us.


Art Critic

The art critic is the bridge between the artist and the public. Thanks to their huge cultural background in art history, they can find and explain references, quotations, inspirations even when the artist himself is not totally aware of them. Thanks to art critics, the public can access what is the most intimate part of the artist’s creative act and understand both the creative act itself (colors, materials, execution times) and the conceptual act behind each work. Hardly an artist “begins and goes on to see what he creates”: the point of arrival is always present in their imagination even when they believes it is not so, and the work of the art critic explains and illustrates just this information that otherwise we could not understand.


Advertising And Social Media

Advertising is, we know, the soul of commerce. It’s also a precious tool for the promotion of our visibility and the artists. Depending on the requests of the artist, we can ask for quotes for advertising on the local newspaper, specialized magazines, bus and waterbus. We are at disposal to get the graphic ready.

We are specialized also in social media communication. We create photos, videos, content and posts for socials so that information about the exhibition can be spread around.


Let’s Exhibit In Venice!

Show your works in our gallery, they will be seen by all the tourists who spend every day in the Ghetto and also to people connected online! Would you like to ask for more information about our services? Write to us, we will reply as soon as possible!