Ghetto Et Cetera

Our gallery consists of an area of 45 square meters with exposed beams and a more intimate area of about 12 square meters which can be accessed through two arches. In the main room, a small recess of the wall creates the perfect space for the display of particularly significant or special work. The two windows and the front door overlook the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, just in front of the new entrance to the Jewish Museum and next to the bridge that leads to the famous Fondamenta degli Ormesini.

The entire exhibition space is illuminated by LED spotlights that can be rotated to better illuminate every exposed work. At the center of the exhibition area is a large table in white wood sanded by hand that, in addition to being a sort of island that creates an ideal path for the exhibition, can accommodate catalogs, books, brochures, sculptures and any material made available to the public. The entire exhibition space is sanitized regularly and a fixed quota of visitors can enter at a time as required by current health regulations.


28 years of experience

In 1996 in this space the artist Donatella Bedello opened the Melori&Rosenberg Art Gallery, the first Contemporary Art Gallery in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice. In 28 years of activity, she has exhibited the artworks of some famous international artists, Luigi Rocca, Lucia Sarto e Fabio Colussi, to name just three, and presented to the public a long series of more or less emerging artists; she organized a long series of personal art exhibitions, both in the gallery and in other places of culture, co-operating with institutions and foundations (the Jewish Museum, the Church of San Salvador, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate in Udin, the Sala Civica Leonardo da Vinci in San Donà di Piave, the Caccamo Castle in Sicily, the Institutes of Italian Culture in Jerusalem and Haifa in Israel, the Museum of the Clock in Pesariis.

Moreover, she organized ambitious group exhibitions, As Time Goes By the latest in chronological order, which involved 30 artists from around the world. After 28 years of a honored career and a short break, the artistic soul of the place overbearingly returns in this new project: Ghetto Et Cetera. The management is curated by Alice and Klaudia, who, alongside and advised by Donatella, set up and host personal exhibitions within the space in the Ghetto but especially in this virtual space, aware of the importance of being present and usable even virtually.


The jewish ghetto of Venice

The Ghetto of Venice was the first Jewish Ghetto to be founded in Europe in 1516: the Government of the Republic decided that all Jewish citizens should live in one area of the city. In this area stood the foundries, called “Geti” in Venetian dialect – hence the name Ghetto then used worldwide. The Ghetto was closed during the night, while guardians of Christian religion crossed the surrounding canals by boat to prevent any night escape: thus the first true ghetto of Europe was born.

The Jewish Ghetto of Venice consists of the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, the Ghetto Vecchio and the Ghetto Novissimo.

In the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo there are the Jewish Museum, 2 Synagogues and the monument to the victims of the Shoah. In the Old Ghetto there are 3 Synagogues.

The Ghetto Novissimo was last annexed to cope with the increase in population, and is characterized by high houses divided into lower floors than the norm.

Would you like to be in venice and come to our gallery to see the current exhibition, but you are in other city and cannot reach us?

Now we can plan a video-visit: through a video-call you can see the artworks, even their details, thanks to our staff, which will also answer your questions on our art and services. Available through Whatsapp, Skype and Facetime.


About us

Donatella B. Melori

Donatella B. Melori


Born in Turin and endowed with a strong artistic vein, in 1996 she opened the first contemporary art gallery of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, enthusiastically promoting the works of contemporary Italian and foreign artists, emerging and already established.

Alice Faga

Alice Faga

Art Director

She graduated in foreign languages and literature in Venice and took classes in graphics and digital marketing applied to the art business. She has been managing the Gallery since 2004 together with Donatella B. Melori. Together they organized numerous group and solo exhibitions both in the venue and in other prestigious locations.

Klaudia Iaria

Klaudia Iaria

Junior Gallery Assistant

After graduating from Artistic High school, she continued her studies in Advertising and Marketing at the Salesian University Institute in Verona. Driven by his strong passion for art, since November 2021 she joined the team of Galleria Ghetto Et Cetera.